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Full-Time MBA Finds A New Career in Consulting

By Anna Miars

Ivory Harris and Jen Murphy

Ivory Harris, MBA '13, meeting with Jen Murphy, the Kogod Center for Career Development's Associate Director, Career Education Advising.

Ivory Harris, MBA '13, is already looking forward to making his mark on the business world. He has accepted a position at Deloitte Consulting that he’ll start after his spring graduation.

Harris realized that management consulting was the right field for him while taking a Strategic Thinking course his first semester as an MBA.

"It challenged me to look at issues from a different perspective and find new ways to break down basic problems," he said.

Harris describes himself as an “organized chaos” person, meaning he likes to multitask and tackle problems as they arise. Everyone he talked to in the management consulting industry said that no two days are ever the same.

"I knew that was the type of environment I wanted to be in," he said.

As his interest grew, Harris and a few of his classmates started the Consulting Club to increase networking opportunities and share knowledge and experiences.

He's also involved in AU's Net Impact chapter and serves as a Kogod Graduate Ambassador. Harris strives to share with new students how they can contribute and have an impact while at Kogod; here, everyone is genuinely interested in each other's success, he said.

"I think at the end of the day, if I can only say I went to class, got good grades, and got a job, I don't think I really took advantage of my time here."

And in the grand scheme of things, Harris said, the full-time degree program has passed quickly.