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Identifying the Scope of Violence Against College Women

In “Violence Against College Women: A Review to Identify Limitations in Defining the Problem and Inform Future Research,” Lynn Addington and co-author Callie Marie Rennison review the limitations in current studies of violence against college women particularly in the ways in which violence is defined and operationalized.

This study suggests college women are exposed to a variety of risks regarding violence that often are overlooked in most research. This work appears in Trauma, Violence and Abuse.

Examining Crime in Gated and Non-Gated Communities

The study “Keeping the Barbarians outside the Gate?: Comparing Burglary Victimization in Gated and Non-Gated Communities” by Lynn Addington and co-author Callie Marie Rennison confirms that households in gated communities experience fewer burglaries than their non-gated counterparts, but it identifies possible unintended costs of living in gated communities.

This research also emphasized diversity within gated communities, in contrast to common perceptions that the areas are “affluent enclaves.” It appears in Justice Quarterly.

Recent Articles & Papers

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