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Research@SPA: Public Management

Research at SPA

Select Research Highlights in Public Management

Investigating Accountability and Collaboration in Government Agencies

Informal Accountability in Multisector Service Delivery Collaborations” by Barbara Romzek et al., explores informal accountability among network actors.

The study finds that government agencies that contract out services endorse collaboration to accomplish tasks, while minimizing investment in new administrative structures. It was published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Measuring Government Contractors' Performance

"The Performance Puzzle: Understanding the Factors Influencing Alternative Dimensions of Performance” by Anna Amirkhanyan et al., examines the performance of contracted childcare centers in Ohio.

The study finds that performance assessments of clients, leadership, staff, and government regulators vary significantly and are influenced by different organizational and environmental factors. Also, the strength of the government-contractor relationships improves these assessments, while the extent of red tape and formalization in contracts undermines them. It appeared in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Attitudes About Hard Work

Using data from the 2009 International Social Survey Programme that included responses from over 32 countries, Vicky Wilkins et al. tested the congruency between attitudes held by government and private sector workers. "Attitudes About Hard Work: A Global Perspective on the Beliefs of Government Employees" discovered a significant gap in the perceived importance of hard work for getting ahead. Their study, published in International Public Management Journal, finds that government workers are less likely to emphasize the role of hard work in success, often looking for societal explanations over individual ones.

Book cover: Administrative Law for Public ManagersIn 2014, two of David Rosenbloom’s most renowned publications, Administrative Law for Public Managers and the coauthored Public Administration: Understanding Management, Politics, and Law in the Public Sector, were published in second and eighth editions, respectively.


Recent Articles & Papers

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