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Research centers and institutes within the School of Public Affairs draw on the scholarship and expertise of SPA faculty. These centers offer fora for scholarly collaboration and exchange in the areas of politics, campaigns, public finance, and public administration and policy, and justice. Their work is shared with the AU and Washington communities as well as across the nation.

Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

Under the sponsorship of the School of Public Affairs, CCPS provides an integrated teaching, research, and study program focusing on Congress and the presidency and the interactions of these two basic American institutions. Website

Women & Politics Institute

The mission of the Women & Politics Institute is to provide academic training to young women that encourages them to become involved in the political process and to facilitate research by faculty and students that enhances our understanding of the challenges women face in the political arena. Website

Center for Democracy & Election Management

American University has established a Center for Democracy and Election Management to provide education, research, and public engagement on the full range of democracy issues in the United States and the world. Website

Center for Public Finance Research

The Center for Public Finance Research offers research and education in public budgeting and finance, public financial management, public economics, and benefit-cost analysis from local to international levels. Website

Justice Programs Office

The Justice Programs Office was established to support SPA's mission of applying the tools of scholarship and professionalism to the design and management of public programs. Website

Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation

The Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation is a unique forum where all stakeholders in the public policy implementation system can work together on a continuing basis to create compelling results for the public. Website

Center for Environmental Policy

The Center for Environmental Policy aims to improve the nation's ability to address environmental challenges through effective governance. Website

Success Story

Ed Faberman, Board Member

New Alumni Board Member Built Aviation Career on the Ground

New Alumni Board member Ed Faberman, SPA/BA ’67 has been navigating the world of aviation for the past 40 years, but his volunteer leadership work with AU keeps him grounded.

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