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Success Stories

  • Lacy Kilraine

    SPA's Kilraine Hones Global Experience with MPP

    SPA's MPP program has given Kilraine the broad range of skills she needed to complement her real-world experience.

  • Go-Getter Itzler on Third
    Career: Marquis Jet

    To this day, Jesse Itzler, SPA/BA '90, takes pride in the fact that he’s never had a résumé. But don’t let that fool you. Today, Itzler’s primary focus is Marquis Jet, and his schedule is as fast paced as the 25-hour jet lease cards he sells.

  • Board Chairman, SPA/BA '68, Gives
    $2 Million to SOC and SIS Buildings

    Though it may seem SIS has been getting most of the press of its new building’s sustainable design, Abramson expects the McKinley Building, to be renovated as SOC’s new home, will garner just as much excitement.

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    SPA Alum Griffin Helps New England Students

    Chip Griffin, SPA/BA ’94, cofounder and CEO of Custom Scoop online news clipping service, made a $100,000 gift to create an endowed scholarship supporting SPA students from New England states.

  • Erin M. Fuller

    Erin M. Fuller, SPA/BA '93, SPA/MPA '94, president at The Coulter Companies and on the AU Alumni Board, came to AU to study music, but changed her major to political science after her first government class and a tour of the Hill. 

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    By the Numbers: Lynn Addington on Crime, Schools, and Stats

    Lynn Addington, one of the nation’s foremost experts in crime measurement. Her expertise applies to the nature of violent crime, its impact on victims, the fear of victimization, and the timely topic of school violence.