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General Grant Information

Global Studies Foundation

Deadline: July 1, 2014

Excerpt from RFP: This grant is designed to encourage and support faculty travel abroad, as well as the integration of this international experience into courses or curriculum... We particularly encourage applications involving work, study, community service, or other collaborative efforts abroad, especially those centering on education and establishing international connections and exchanges.

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Google Research Awards: Faculty Research Awards
Deadline:October 15, 2014

Excerpt from RFP: The company is committed to developing new technologies to help users find and use information. As part of that vision, the Research Awards program aims to identify and support world-class, full-time faculty pursuing research in areas of mutual interest. Applicants are asked to categorize their proposals into one of the following broad research areas of interest to the company: - Economics and market algorithms - Geo/maps - Human-computer interaction - Information retrieval, extraction, and organization (including semantic graphs) - Machine learning and data mining - Machine perception - Machine translation - Mobile - Natural language processing - Networking - Policy and standards - Privacy - Robotisc - Security - Social networks - Software engineering - Speech - Structured data and database management - Systems (hardware and software) Each funded project will be assigned a Google sponsor. The role of the sponsor is to support the project by discussing research directions, engaging with professors and students, and overseeing collaboration between the project team and Google.

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National Science Foundation

Political Science Program
Deadline:August 15, 2014

Excerpt from RFP: The program supports scientific research that advances knowledge and understanding of citizenship, government, and politics. Research proposals are expected to be theoretically motivated, conceptually precise, methodologically rigorous, and empirically oriented. Substantive areas include, but are not limited to, American government and politics, comparative government and politics, international relations, political behavior, political economy, and political institutions. In recent years, program awards have supported research projects on bargaining processes; campaigns and elections, electoral choice, and electoral systems; citizen support in emerging and established democracies; democratization, political change, and regime transitions; domestic and international conflict; international political economy; party activism; and political psychology and political tolerance. The program also has supported research experiences for undergraduate students and infrastructural activities, including methodological innovations, in the discipline

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Open Society Fellowship

Deadline: August 4, 2014

Excerpt from RFP: "The Open Society Fellowship accepts proposals from anywhere in the world. Applicants should possess a deep understanding of their chosen subject and a track record of professional accomplishment. Past and current fellows have included journalists, activists, academics, and practitioners in a variety of fields. Successful applicants will be eager to exploit the many resources offered by the Open Society Foundations and be prepared to engage constructively with our global network. Ideal fellows are specialists who can see beyond the parochialisms of their field and possess the tenacity to complete a project of exceptional merit....A fellowship project might identify a problem that has not previously been recognized, develop new policy ideas to address familiar problems, or offer a new advocacy strategy. Project themes should cut across at least two areas of interest to the Open Society Foundations. Among these are human rights, government transparency, access to information and to justice, and the promotion of civil society and social inclusion."

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Sociological Initiatives Foundation

Deadline: August 15, 2014

Excerpt from RFP: "The Foundation was established to support research that furthers social change, including language learning and behavior and its intersection with social and policy questions. The Foundation specifically supports research that focuses on

  • social policy;
  • institutional and educational practices;
  • legislative and regulatory changes;
  • linguistic issues (e.g., literacy, language loss and maintenance, language policy, language and national security, bilingualism, language and gender, language and law, language disabilities, language and health, language and education, different language cultures); and
  • development of community capacity and organization of previously unorganized groups.

The Foundation supports projects that address institutional rather than individual or behavioral change. It seeks to fund research and initiatives that provide insight into sociological and linguistic issues that may be useful to specific groups and or communities. The Foundation looks for projects that have an explicit research design and a concrete connection to public or community impact. It is not enough to just write a report or add a focus group to a social change project. The research should ideally build an organization or constituency's potential to expand public knowledge, impact policy, and create social change.

Preference is given to providing support in areas that tend to be underfunded and for projects of a size where a SIF grant can make a difference."

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Shifting Suburbs

What Does WIPAR Do?

Director Jon Gould, WIPAR.

Director Jon Gould discusses the mission and work of WIPAR.

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Politics of the Shutdown: "The GOP’s Exurban Debt Ceiling Problem"


Dante Chinni discusses the political ramifications of the government shutdown in the suburbs.

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