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Can Al Franken's Secret Santa Exchange Cure the Senate?

Jen and Sean Theriault wrote an article for CNN that looked at whether the annual Secret Santa exchange between members of Congress results in an increase in bipartisan legislative action.

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Young People Are Running From Politics

Westminster Town Hall 11192015






Listen to Jen discuss Running from Office at the Westminster Town Hall Forum in Minneapolis on MPR News

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Miss Out on Hearing About Running from Office?    No Problem!







Watch as Jen, Richard Fox, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and Ronan Farrow discuss Running from Office and their thoughts about political engagement among young people. 

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To Win With Women, How Can the GOP Ramp Up Its Appeal?

Segment on female voters






Jen comments on female voters.

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Director's Message


It is impossible to deny the substantial progress women have recently made in government and politics. Over the course of the last 30 years alone, the number of women in Congress has more than tripled. . .

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As Millenials Come Of Political Age, Few Decide To Run For Office

Jen provides insight as to why some millenials are not running for office.

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How Hillary Clinton Is Trying to Avoid Being 'Shrill'

Jen comments on the perception of Clinton's and Sanders' "yelling."

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The Bros Who Love Bernie Sanders Have Become a Sexist Mob

Jen comments on the sexist comments of some of Bernie Sanders' supporters.

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Trump Vs. Megyn Kelly: Does the Donald Have a 'Woman Problem?'

Jen comments on Donald Trump's contentious remarks.

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'We Love You!' Conservative Women Turn Blind Eye to Donald Trump's Slurs

Jen comments on Donald Trump's controversial rhetoric.

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List: 5 Obstacles that Could Stop a Clinton Nomination; Emails, Benghazi, and Biden

Jen comments on Hillary Clinton's likelihood to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

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Spring City, School Board Elections

Research from Jen and Richard Fox's book Running From Office was used to describe why people have a lack of interest in elected office.

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How Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump's Pregnancies Play into Their Parents' Presidential Campaigns

Jen comments on the politicization of family ties for presidential candidates.

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