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Alice Paul Award

The Alice Paul Awards are given each year to an American University faculty member, staff member, student, and alumni who demonstrate a commitment to continuing Alice Paul’s vision for women’s full equality. Alice Paul, an American University Washington College of Law alumna, was a leader in the suffrage movement. She authored the Equal Rights Amendment, served as president of the National Woman’s Party, and played a vital role in the passage of the 19th Amendment. We present these awards to members of the American University community who best exemplify Alice Paul's spirit, work, and vision.


II. Nominee Information
III. Please explain how this nominee embodies Alice Paul's initiative, dedication, and passion for women's issues. How does this nominee's work benefit women on and off campus? How has this nominee affected the perception and experience of women?
Resumes and other supporting documents are encouraged, but not required.
I. Nominator's Information



2016 Laura Cox Kaplan

2015 Gwen Graham

2014 Muriel Bowser

2013 Anita McBride

2012 Jan DuPlain

2011 Erin Fuller

2010 Jenny Burke

2009 Betsy Markey

2008 Jennifer Sarver

2007 Carolyn Jacobson

2006 Amy Dacey

2005 Jessica Waters


2016 Jane Palmer

2015 Jessica Waters

2014 Lucy Gettman

2013 Ann Timmons

2012 Elizabeth Sherman

2011 Connie Morella

2010 Lauren Weis

2009 Bette Dickerson

2008 Mary Garrard

2007 Norma Broude

2006 Eileen Findlay

2005 Barbara Palmer


2016 Kayla Williams

2015 Paula Warrick

2014 Diane Hsiung

2013 Sarah Glassman

2011 Christy Anthony

2009 My-Lien Le

2008 Sara Bendoraitis

2007 Christine Gettings

2006 Katherine Haldeman

2005 Melva Jones



2016 Amanda Sweet

2015 Samantha Guthrie

2014 Morgan Walton

2013 Jane Palmer

2012 Leah Gates

2011 Gail Baitinger

2009 Cori Racela

2008 Linda Mancillas

2007 Nicole Smolter

2006 Andrea Bilotto


2016 Cassandra Fowler

2015 Cassondra Jo Murphy

2014 Jacqlene Moran

2013 Emily Yu

2012 Kathleen McKenna

2011 Kathryn Baxter

2010 Nakeesha Ceran

2010 Mollie Garber

2009 Miriam Wood

2008 Nicole Woods

2007 Emily Caponetti

2005 Amrith Fernades-Prahbu