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Women & Politics Institute

Fall 2016 WPPL Courses

The following courses are approved for the Women, Policy and Political Leadership (WPPL) Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs.

Core 3-Credit Course

Fall 2016


Women, Politics & Public Policy
Elizabeth Sherman

A wide variety of issues of concern to women, including healthcare, welfare, educational equity, employment discrimination, and reproductive rights are examined through the lens of the formal policy-making process. Meets with GOVT-683. Prerequisite: GOVT-110.

Core 1-Credit Courses

FALL 2016


Introduction to Women and Politics
Connie Morella
September 10-11, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

This course is an intensive introduction to women and politics. Students in the course gain an understanding of the historical struggle of women for political, economic, and educational rights, as well as the major actors who were or continue to be involved in these efforts.
$50 special fee applies to this section.

GOVT-485.001 Women and the Pipelines to Political Leadership

Lucy Gettman
September 24-25, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

There are four primarily "pipelines" to elective office - or are there? If the 2016 election cycle has demonstrated anything, it's that traditional approaches to political leadership are changing. In this course, we will examine the pipelines (business, education, politics/activism and law) and explore gender implications and options to strengthen women's political representation. Meets with GOVT-685 001.
$50 special fee applies to this section.

GOVT-485.002/685.002 Women and the Legal Profession

Karen O'Connor
September 29-30, 2016, 9AM to 5PM

This course provides students with the history of women in the legal profession, both as practitioners and judges. The course explores topics including why women have yet to reach equity in the workplace or as judges more than 30 years after passage of Title IX and Title VII banning discrimination in employment. The course also explores the question: Do women judges make a difference?
$50 special fee applies to this section.

Additional 3-Credit Courses

FALL 2016

AMST-240 Poverty & Culture
AMST-240 Contemporary American Culture: Hunger Games

ANTH-215.001/.002 Sex, Gender & Culture
ECON-674 Gender Perspective Econ Analysis: Micro

GOVT-396.002 Women in Comparative Politics

GOVT-440 Minority Representation & Ethnic Conflict

GOVT 483/683 Women, Politics & Public Policy

GOVT 486/686 Feminist Political Theory

HNRS-302.004 Reproductive/Religious Rights
HPRM-323 Issues in Women's Health
JLC-435/635 Gender and the Law
SIS-648 Women and Development
SISU-260 Identity, Race, Gender, & Culture
SISU-310.003 Gender and Conflict

SISU-348 Gender and Development

SISU-360.002 Queer/Feminist Critics in IR

SISU-360.003 Gender in South Asia: Colonialism & Beyond

SOCY-396.002 Arab & Arab American Feminism
WGSS-125 Gender in Society
WGSS-225 Gender, Politics & Power
WGSS-240 Sexuality Studies
WGSS-350.001 Anti-Violence Interventions
WGSS-350.002 Gay and Lesbian Documentaries
WGSS-350.003 Masculinities

WGSS-350.004 Gender & Violence

WGSS-350.005 Geography of Gender/Development

WGSS-491/691 Internship

WGSS 496/696 Queer Studies

Additional 1-Credit Courses

FALL 2016

ECON-374 Gender Roles in the Economy
UCOL-100.018 Gender in Society