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Jennifer Lawless Appointed Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution

Jennifer Lawless has been appointed a nonresident senior fellow in the Governance Studies Program at the Brookings Institution. She will conduct research and provide policy analysis on gender and youth issues.

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Polarization Reason for Country's Governing Problems

At the Conference on American Gridlock, hosted by Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, Jen and Danny Hayes presented research on whether district polarization affects media coverage.

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The Path to a Female President

The New Yorker cites Jen and Richard Fox's research on how there is an ambition gap between men and women.

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Director's Message

It is impossible to deny the substantial progress women have recently made in government and politics. Over the course of the last 30 years alone, the number of women in Congress has more than tripled. . .

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Jennifer Lawless Explains, "Why SPA?"

Do Traditional Gender Roles Affect Women's Political Ambition?

In her first article post at the Brookings Institution, Jen addresses the question of whether family roles and responsibilities affect a potential candidate's political career.

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wpi_girls not run policy report

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Hillary Clinton must distance herself from Bill, Obama in 2016

Jen comments on whether Hillary Clinton should be worried about policy differences she has with her husband.

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Candidates defend running in districts where they don't live

Jen comments on whether carpetbagging can be detrimental in congressional races.

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