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Graduate International Gateway Courses

The English Language Program

Graduate Academic Communication

This course offers graduate students the opportunity to sharpen the listening and speaking skills essential for graduate work. The focus is on listening for content, giving effective presentations, note-taking, and summarizing. Students also develop an understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication and become comfortable and confident at actively participating in class discussions. This interactive course utilizes small and large group discussions and various forms of collaborative work, which serve to acculturate students to the typical classroom dynamic of U.S. universities.

Graduate Academic Research

This course prepares students for all aspects of writing a research proposal. Students choose a topic in their discipline and then participate in a workshop at the AU library on how to search databases for appropriate academic sources. The course guides students through the key steps in the research process, including writing a literature review, identifying a gap in the literature, writing an introduction, framing a hypothesis, designing research methods, and collecting and analyzing data. Students submit a research proposal as their final paper.

TESL-010: Graduate Student Academic Writing

This course helps graduate students adapt to academic expectations and academic writing requirements during the first semester of graduate studies in the students’ chosen field of study at American University. A large portion of the course focuses on the individual writing needs of each student and draws upon the challenges that students face in their classes. This course supports the transition of students to a new academic culture and style of writing.


Ken Janjigian
Associate Director
The International Gateway Program
(202) 895-4919

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