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International Gateway Program: Student Insight


International Gateway Program

International Gateway Program
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
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Carmen Mestizo, Washington College of Law Student

 "IGP improves your research skills. Many of the classes are beyond the academic requirements in US universities. This program is not about grammar exercises. It is about the structure of a document or a speech. Understanding the structure is very important because it helps you to organize your ideas. At the end of the course we wrote a research proposal using the writing tools that we learned. Some of these useful tools were citation, paraphrasing, paragraph patterns, etc. We practiced several speeches, as well. Overall, IGP is a very practical program where you learn by doing."

Jiro Okada, MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution

"IGP helped me to build the solid steps to challenge the US graduate student life. I studied in IGP during the summer right before I started my own graduate program at AU. The courses cover the essential skills we can directly apply to our graduate programs and life. Currently, I am in a master's program at the School of International Service. Of course, to study in US graduate school is not easy. However, I am sure that I was well prepared through the experience with my IGP classmates and professors in the summer."