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England Program Excursions



During the semester, students will take a day trip to Stonehenge (to see the prehistoric monuments), as well as tour the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury.

Students also will have a two-day excursion to London, the center of England. This excursion includes a walking tour around the Thames and visits to the London Eye and Bank of England Museum. This trip includes an overnight stay in a dorm room accommodation (near King’s Cross Station) as well as credit on an Oyster Card (London Metro) for two days travel.

Locally, students will also participate in projects at the Bristol Engine Shed (an entrepreneurial/innovative laboratory in Bristol, England) and have the opportunity to visit the Roman Baths (in Bath, England).

The costs related to these excursions have been included in the campus service and excursion fee that is included in the AU bill.

To supplement your England experience, your AU advisor will plan several other excursions and events throughout the semester. Students also have the opportunity to explore Bath and England with BSU clubs/organizations as well as on their own during other weekends.

quote from a student

"There was a lot to see, there was a lot of history, and our tour guides were very helpful, funny, and kind."
- Mentorship in England Student, Fall 2016

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