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Mentorship in Greece Orientation


Students in the Mentorship in Greece program will have a pre-departure orientation on American University’s campus in Washington, DC (dates TBD). The orientation is for students and parents and includes an introduction of faculty and staff, academic overview, student conduct and discipline, expectations of students abroad, cultural assimilation, resources for students abroad, and the transition back to AU. Students and parents are responsible for coordinating their own travel to/from Washington, D.C. as well as overnight accommodations for the on campus orientation. 

*International students in the program are encouraged to travel directly to Greece from their home country after participating in the pre-departure orientation via Skype.


Program staff and students will arrive in mid-September before the start of ACT classes (September 19). Upon arrival in Greece, students will participate in a multi-day orientation (September 15-16) led by ACT. The orientation topics are: 

• SOS Greek (basic language boot camp) 

• Greek culture 

• Campus policies 

• Campus life 

• Excursions


An AU professor (who will teach the Introduction to College Inquiry and Intercultural Understanding courses) and one advisor (to manage student discipline and academic issues, arrange cohort excursions, etc.) will be assigned to lead the AU students and will live in the same hotel as the students. In addition, one in-country/local ACT staff person will be assigned as an RA to the professor, advisor, and students –for language translation and assisting with understanding systems in Greece and ACT. 

Students will have access to ACT campus services and student activities.

quote from a student

"I feel as though I’ve transformed. I think because of the Mentorship Program in Greece I grew up and have become more responsible and mature. I’ve become more adventurous and open minded from meeting so many different personalities and experiencing a different culture."

-Mentorship in Greece student, Fall 2015