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Mentorship in Greece Curriculum

Mentorship Program in Greece students in a museum


Mentorship Program in Greece students take 15 credits worth of classes (five 3-credit courses) and study on an accelerated semester schedule over twelve weeks-with classes starting in mid-September and ending in mid-December. The curriculum is cohort based, with students taking their courses with the AU Mentorship group. All classes will be taught in English.

The Mentorship Program in Greece features the following American University classes that are core to the Mentorship Program:

  • Intercultural Understanding, which counts toward AU's General Education Area 3
  • Introduction to College Inquiry, which counts as elective credit.
  • College Writing (online), which counts toward AU's writing requirements.

The AU professor will use the Introduction to College Inquiry class to incorporate experiential research topics related to Greece and international affairs, thus using Greece as a classroom. To supplement the curriculum, there will be several experiential excursions in Greece throughout the semester.

Beyond the AU courses, the program includes two courses taught by the American College of Thessaloniki and focuses on intercultural studies. All ACT courses will be conducted in English. The ACT elective courses will be:

  • Introduction to Contemporary Greek Culture and Society, which counts toward AU General Education Area 2
  • History of Thessaloniki and Its People, which counts toward AU General Education Area 2

Curriculum Notes:

  • Students will be enrolled in classes as a cohort with the assistance of the American University Mentorship Program advisor.
  • All Mentorship Program students will take the AU Math Placement test in May, and the scores from that test will be used for spring semester placement, when Mentorship in Greece students start the AU math requirement.
  • The credits earned and your GPA while in the Mentorship Program in Greece will be applied to your academic record when you start your degree program at AU in the spring semester.
  • Text books will be purchased in Greece.
  • Mentorship Program in Greece students must abide by the policies, regulations, and codes relating to student behavior at American University and the policies related to the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). Any student who violates the Academic Integrity Code while in the Mentorship Program will have their spring admission offer reevaluated. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to meet the standard for satisfactory progress. If students do not maintain a 2.0 or higher, they will start the spring semester on Academic Probation.

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Quote from a student

"The best experience was being able to learn in a new environment. Not only did I learn from a different perspective in the classroom, I was learning how to adapt to a new culture at the same time."
- Mentorship in Greece student, Fall 2015

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