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Mentorship in Greece Student Testimonials

SPExS WMP Greece Alessandra Zizzo

Alessandra Zizzo, Fall 2015
De Pere, WI

I chose to attend American University and the Mentorship Program in Greece because I knew the immense amounts of life experiences they would offer me. During the Greece Program, I learned how to be more independent, face my fears, and discovered my love for travel. The experiences I had in Greece greatly outweigh anything else I have ever experienced. Currently, I am a CLEG (Communications, Law, Economics, and Government) major in AU's School of Public Affairs and am a part of the AU Chorus. Without the program, the things I am doing now would not be possible.

SPExS WMP Greece Rani Zierath

Rani Zierath, Fall 2015
Plano, TX

I picked the Mentorship Program in Greece because I wanted to take a risk that would change my life but also help me grow as a person. I have never been happier in my life than I was in Greece, and I truly found myself as well as gained an appreciation for life and those around me that I never had before. Because of my experience, I have never been more sure of the person I am/want to become, and been more motivated to achieve my dreams. Now, I am on the Pre-Med track with a major in Chemistry here at AU and am involved with Phi Delta Epsilon, the Medical Fraternity on Campus.

SPExS WMP Greece April Dietrich

April Dietrich, Fall 2015
Leesburg, VA

I chose the Mentorship Program in Greece because I couldn't imagine a better way to start off my college experience! I experienced a new culture, learned how to interact in a foreign environment, and made unforgettable memories. I traveled across Greece and learned countless lessons from the people that I met. My professors utilized our location and applied the subjects that we were learning to the things that we experienced every day. Now, I definitely have a wider worldview and am amply prepared for the rest of my college career.

SPExS WMP Greece Irene Coritsidis

Irene Coritsidis, Fall 2015
Glen Head, NY

I chose the Mentorship Program in Greece because it allowed me to learn both inside and outside of a classroom in a brand new culture my first semester of college. The American College of Thessaloniki allowed traveling, weekend endeavors and excursions that were truly experiences of a lifetime. Students and I became so assimilated to the culture that it felt like home. As of now, I officially joined a sorority in order to meet more people and became a Student Ambassador to share my experiences with potential Mentorship Program in Greece students. Choosing the Mentorship Program in Greece was definitely one of the best decisions of my life.

SPExS WMP Greece Amanda Clary

Amanda Clary, Fall 2015
Haymarket, VA

I chose the Mentorship Program in Greece because it presented me with the opportunity to expand my horizons, and learn from a different perspective in a culture different than my own. The Mentorship Program in Greece opened the door to a semester full of adventure! It is truly incredible to be able to say that I spent my first semester of college abroad. Now, I am flourishing in my International Relations studies in the School of International Service. I would recommend the Mentorship Program in Greece to anyone ready for both an academic and cultural challenge!

SPExS WMP Greece Elliot Grantz

Elliot Grantz, Fall 2015
Lousille, KY

I chose to become an Eagle and Mentorship in Greece student because I wanted to see the world and be able to study at a rigorous institution in DC. While I was in Greece I took classes, climbed Mount Olympus, sailed around Halkidiki, lived in the center of a bustling city, and traveled to Pisa, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. Now, I am back in DC and joining organizations and clubs, and of course making baklava!

SPExS WMP Greece Alyssa O’Connor

Alyssa O'Connor, Fall 2015
Marshfield, MA

I picked the Mentorship Program in Greece because, to me, it sounded like an amazing and unique way to start off my college career. During my three months in Greece, I went to school at the American College of Thessaloniki, which was great, but I also got the chance to climb Mt. Olympus, visit the Pozar Hot Springs, Vergina, Athens, and go rafting. I am so fortunate to have kept my close friends I met in Greece, but also met new friends at AU.

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