Tuition and Guidelines

$10,682 (7 credits including seminar and internship course)
$4,949 (double room)
Meal Plan
Required Fees
AU Health Insurance
$1,070 (optional)
Summer Institute Tuition
$3,000 (per program)
Optional Campus Housing and Dining 1
$1,500 (double room in residence hall)

1The above cost is estimated for Summer 2018. Exact cost of on campus housing will be available in Spring 2018. All students are encouraged to live on campus; however residing on campus is not a requirement. If students live in Maryland, Virginia, or DC and want to commute each day to campus for the program, that will be acceptable with written acknowledgement from a parent or guardian.

AU Gap Program students have non-degree seeking student status, therefore financial aid is not available. Many students secure private student loans, including non-degree educational loans, to pay for the Gap Program. In addition, students may also choose to participate in the American Payment Plan (APP), which breaks tuition into monthly payments.

Gap students are subject to University regulations, Program guidelines, and the laws of the jurisdictions of the DC metropolitan area. Students who violate these laws, fail academically, or behave in a way that is detrimental to other students or the Program, the University shall have the right to dismiss the student from the Program. The University's decision will be final and may result in the loss of academic credit and Program fees. Students also are responsible for costs arising out of voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from the Program prior to its completion.