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Brandeis Midyears in the Washington Mentorship Program: Curriculum

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When you join the Washington Mentorship Program in the fall semester, you will take 15 credits of classes that, upon successful completion, will transfer with you as 16 credits into your Brandeis degree program in the spring semester. Your fall semester schedule will consist of five 3-credit classes:

  • the Mentored Field Practicum (an internship)
  • Politics in the United States,
  • Intercultural Understanding,
  • College Writing, and
  • an elective course.

Your classes are learning laboratories – taking full advantage of Washington, D.C. They include interactive lectures and guest speakers that will introduce you to diplomats, policy makers, members of Congress, journalists, lawyers, and lobbyists.

Through the Mentored Field Practicum, you will participate in an internship, read professional articles, keep a journal, and meet one-on-one regularly with your professor to discuss your experience and guide you through the internship.

Politics in the United States explores the political system and government of the United States.

Intercultural Understanding enhances your ability to think critically and creatively about today's cultural challenges, to practice intercultural relations, and to provide a perspective on our personal and social responsibility.

College Writing prepares you for the writing required throughout your academic career. Through the course, you will be encouraged to think as a writer— anticipating the responses of a reader, exploring the depth and breadth of a subject, and working with language to best express your understanding. This course satisfies the Brandeis University Writing requirement.

You also will take an elective course. With this course, you can fulfill a general university requirement or simply explore a subject of interest.

And best of all? All of these credits will be part of your academic transcript at Brandeis, keeping you on track to graduate! Here is an example of a WMP student class week.

Brandeis students enrolled in this program will not be permitted to transfer to American University at the conclusion of the semester.

Quote from a Student

“If you want to have a great hands-on learning experience and learn about DC, you should definitely do it.” – WMP Participant