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Brandeis Midyears in WMP: Mentored Field Practicum


  • Washington Mentorship Program
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“I interned at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. I want to be a doctor, and as the medical services intern, I dealt with medical professionals all the time.” Shamalia Khan, WMP 2013

Imagine spending two days a week at BBC News, or Rock the Vote, or even at the U.S. Senate. Think about how that would impact your understanding of world issues; how it might change your outlook about your major; or what it would mean to your future. When you join the Mentorship Program, this happens in your first semester at college.

During the MFP, you work with a professor to prepare for the internship, to ensure that the field practicum provides a successful foundation for further academic and professional success. After the first two weeks of frequent class meetings, your MFP class will meet once every other week. Throughout the semester, you will read and analyze current literature in the field and other texts pertinent to the experience. You also will write papers and keep a journal designed to help you evaluate the MFP and its contributions to your academic development. In addition, you meet regularly one-on-one with your professor to discuss your MFP experience. The end result: You gain the skills, experience, and contacts necessary to maximize your education and your knowledge of D.C. as a learning laboratory as well as a world-class city.

To make it all happen, we give you the tools to help you succeed. You will have access to our internship database that has the largest collection of offerings in the D.C. area and you will receive tips related to successful resumes and interviews. And most importantly, your options are wide ranging. If you plan to major in economics; you might pursue an internship at the World Bank. If your interest is in the arts, then you might choose to affiliate with the National Gallery of Art. The bottom line: No matter what your interests, you’ll likely find an internship that fits.

The fall 2013 Brandeis Midyear students worked with the following Mentored Field Practicum organizations:

  • Asian Scholar Fund
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Moment Magazine
  • New Story Leadership for the Middle East
  • Parkmont School
  • Pulmonary Hypertension Association
  • The Terry Modglin Campaign for Virginia House of Delegates 49th District
  • U.S. House of Representatives