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Health and Immunization

Health & Immunization requirements

Before starting their first semester in the ELTA's intensive program, all students must meet American University's public health requirements. These requirements include showing proof of health insurance and immunization. Although students over the age of 26 may choose not to get immunization, health insurance is mandatory for all participants in the intensive program.


All students at American University are automatically enrolled in an insurance plan at an additional cost. These costs can be found on our Dates and Fees page and will be added to your Eagle Finance account. Students who already have health insurance and do not need to enroll in a plan with American University can learn more about how to waive the American University student health insurance plan.


All students under the age of 26 are required by the District of Columbia to submit proof of immunization. For more information about these requirements including questions about medical or religious exemption and directions to submit proof of past immunization, please visit the Student Health Center website.