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Dates & Fees

ELTA's Intensive Program offers students a number of flexible study options. Students can study in a 14-week semester in the fall or spring and choose between a 5-week or 10-week semester in the summer. All program options are designed to meet each student's individual goals and effectively prepare them for future work, study, or general communication in English.

Semester Dates

Semester Start Date End Date Duration Deadline
Summer 2017 June 5 August 11 10 weeks April 7, 2017
Fall 2017 August 28 December 8 14 weeks June 30, 2017

Tuition & Fees

Cost Spring
(15 weeks)
(10 weeks)
Program Tuition $7,800 $5,400
Mandatory Student Fees*
(Sports Center, Technology, etc.)
$70 $0

* Mandatory student fees and health insurance costs are subject to change.

Additional Optional Costs

Cost Full Semester
(15 weeks)
(10 weeks)
AU Health Insurance* $800 (fall)
$1070 (spring & summer)
On-Campus Meal Plan** $2,287 N/A
Estimated Off-Campus Housing $4,800 $2,400
On-Campus Summer Housing N/A $2,700

*All ELTA students must have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in AU health insurance but have the opportunity to waive the fee and use their own insurance coverage instead.

**The on-campus meal plan includes 175 meals per semester or 10-11 meals per week plus $200 Eagle Bucks and $200 Dining Dollars. Additional plans are available. Meal plan costs for students studying for a half-semester will be prorated. The summer meal plan includes 50 meals and $225 in Eagle Bucks.