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Grace Uttarotai

Biotechnology, Spring 2014

Grace GPS

After graduation from my undergraduate university, I was still unsure of my career path. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and enjoyed my studies, however, biology is still a broad subject. I spent my undergraduate years taking a multitude of science classes, working in laboratories as a teacher’s assistant, laboratory assistant, and a researcher. Despite this strong background in science, I felt that I should seek further education to narrow my interests.

I am the first in my family to considering pursuing a science degree beyond a Bachelors. Coming out of college, I worked an assortment of jobs not in my field and felt unchallenged. I realized that continuing my education in the applied sciences would benefit me and would allow me to develop a career rather than a job. 

Through American University’s Graduate Professional Studies (GPS), I found myself with the opportunity to further explore Biotechnology–one of my interests from my undergraduate study. 

While in my Graduate Professional Studies semester, I gained biotechnology career experience both inside and outside of the classroom. I faced real-world and intellectual challenges and benefits interning in a laboratory at the Children’s National Medical Center. Required policy classes, as well as upper-level science classes, reflected the spectrums of nuances associated with biotechnology and other integrative fields in science.

Upon completion of GPS, I gained a stronger desire to continue with my science career through education. I look forward to continuing my studies and am exploring biotechnology programs and pharmacy schools right now!


Please note: Graduate Professional Studies was known as the Graduate Gateway Program at the time of Grace's participation. Grace's profile has been updated to reflect the program name change.