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Fall and Spring Program Overview

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American University's Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) offers graduate-level academic credit and applied experience with specialized research projects or internship experience. The program has three components:

  • Seminar course in a related field (3 credits)
  • Internship (3 days per week, 3 credits) or Research course (online, 3 credits)
  • Evening graduate-level elective course (3 credits)

Please note: Students working full time should enroll in the evening seminar in Diplomacy, Defense, and Development. This program features a research component instead of an internship option.

Students in the Biotechnology concentration do not have a seminar class; instead, they take two (2) elective courses.

Diplomacy, Defense, & Development

If you are interested in or are currently working in the fields of diplomacy, security, or international development in Washington, DC, then you can gain experience and applicable skills in negotiation, cultural competence, program development, grant writing, and more—all while studying policy and the U.S. role on the global stage. This seminar is offered during the evening, 1-day per week.

Sports Management & Media

You will be exposed to many facets of sports management and media, including business administration, sports marketing, media coverage and media relations, union representation and even team management and sponsorships. You will meet many of the professionals who make Washington a global sports center and who are doing innovative work in the field of sports. This seminar is offered during the day, 1-day per week.

U.S. Politics & Policy

How does Washington, DC really work? Learn the inside scoop from lobbyists, journalists, and congressional staffers. Take advantage of the city's wealth of networking opportunities as you discover the ins and outs of Capitol Hill and the Federal Government. This seminar is offered during the day, 1-day per week.


Examine purpose, create efficiencies, improve well-being, and ensure effective product development--all by studying science, one of the fastest growing career fields. Work at the intersection of science, business, and policy, and gain a foundation for graduate studies.
This seminar is offered during the day, 1-day per week.

Global Business & Trade

Today's age of globalization brings with it new ways of doing business. Learn about the importance of generating jobs, accelerating economic growth, and advancing standards of living throughout the developed and developing world. This seminar is offered during the day, 1-day per week.

International Affairs

What could be better than studying international relations in one of the most important political and global cities in the world? Culture, economics, conflict, and power are all issues influencing international policy-making and this is your opportunity to be part of the conversation. This seminar is offered during the day, 1-day per week.

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100% of students reported they were better prepared for the job market or graduate school.

Quote from a student

"The idea of interning full-time while also doing full-time graduate classes appealed to me because it seemed like a great way to test the waters and figure out whether I wanted to continue with my studies, or enter the work force."
GPS Student, Fall 2014