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Global Business & Trade

International Gateway Program

In Global Business and Trade, you will study issues involving global business and the political-economics of international policy making. You will learn about the importance of generating jobs, accelerating economic growth and advancing standards of living throughout the developed and developing world. Students have used this program to gain understanding of business and policy on the international stage, which can contribute to a successful career or graduate studies.

Program includes:

  • Graduate Seminar in Global Business and Trade (3 credits) 
  • Electives in the Kogod School of Business (3 credits) 
  • Business Internship in Washington (three days per week)

The Seminar in Global Business and Trade

The three credit graduate seminar provides a conceptual and practical understanding of global business and trade. The seminar will meet with representatives of trade associations and multinational corporations, experts from international organizations and U.S. government agencies, and members of Congress who deal with global business issues affecting the nation and the world. Along with the internship, the course helps students make contacts and prepare for a graduate degree in the field of business in an increasingly interdependent world.

All classes serve as a foundation to graduate programs in American University’s Kogod School of Business.