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Graduate Gateway Program


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Graduate Gateway Program

You've earned a bachelor's degree; perhaps you need the foundation to boost your resume and to pave the way to personal and professional success. Or perhaps you are planning on graduate school and want to supplement your applications with graduate level work and experience. If either of these scenarios sounds like you, make your next step American University's Graduate Gateway Program—the best of both worlds, whether you decide to pursue graduate school or move forward on your career path.

Graduate Gateway is a unique semester of specialized course work and hands-on work experience that allows you to take advantage of unmatched opportunities to study and connect in Washington, D.C.

With the fall and spring programs, you can choose one of four study areas: U.S. Politics & Policy, Biotechnology, Global Business & Trade, or International Affairs. During the summer, Graduate Gateway offers seminars for rising undergraduate seniors and post-baccalaureate students to advance your career and build your professional network in the fields of Political Communication and Sports Management & Media.

You will learn from leaders—in classroom settings, on site visits that can only be found in our nation's capital, on the job as an intern, and through seminars and special events. With dynamic fields of study from science to public policy, your path to establishing a career foundation or submitting a top-notch graduate school application starts with a Graduate Gateway semester at AU.

Graduate Gateway classes are designed to transfer into degree seeking graduate programs whether at American University or other institutions. Please note: transferability of credits rests with the program you pursue after completion of the Graduate Gateway semester. For candidates interested in pursuing graduate studies at AU, Graduate Gateway credits have already been approved for eligibility.

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Applications are still being accepted for Fall 2015

There is still time to apply for the fall semester. Applications will be accepted up to the final fall deadline of July 31. Apply today!