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Graduate Gateway Program Overview

Washington DC

The Graduate Gateway Program allows students to earn graduate-level academic credit as they complete an Internship. The program has three components:

  • Seminar course in a related field (3 credits)
  • Internship (3 credit)  
  • Traditional elective, graduate-level course (3 credits)

*Students in the Biotechnology track do not have a seminar class; instead, they take two (2) elective courses.

Applied Politics

There's no better location to learn firsthand about American and global politics than Washington D.C. Students will enjoy a seminar in Applied Politics (3 credits), a graduate elective in the School of Public Affairs (3 credits), and an applied politics-related internship (3 days a week). This is an ideal program for students interested in the policy and government fields.


If you are interested in cutting-edge scientific innovation and being part of one of the fastest growing career fields, then you should consider the Graduate Gateway Biotechnology track. The program consists of two (2) courses in applied sciences (3 credits each), along with a biotechnology related internship (3 days a week).

The Changing World of the News Media

Thanks to social media, 24-hour news, and shrinking attention spans, news media is a different ball game. Through Graduate Gateway's Changing World of News Media program, we introduce you to the new pioneers of journalism and help you find where you fit in. This newsworthy program includes a graduate seminar in the Changing World of the News Media (3 credits), a graduate elective in the School of Communication (3 credits), and a media/communications-related internship (3 days a week).

Global Business & Trade

Globalization. Foreign Exchange Market. You’ve been hearing about them a lot lately. They’re buzzwords for a reason. The international barriers are coming down. Are you ready? The Global Business & Trade program includes a graduate seminar in Global Business & Trade (3 credits), a graduate elective from the Kogod School of Business (3 credits) or the College of Arts & Sciences depending on your interests, and an internship in the field of global business (3 days a week).

International Affairs

What could be better than studying international relations in one of the most important political and global cities in the world? Washington, D.C. is a major player in international policy-making, and this is your opportunity to get involved. The program consists of a seminar in International Affairs (3 credits), a course elective from the School of International Service (3 credits), and an international affairs-related internship (3 days a week).