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Laurette Bennhold-Samaan


The Five Key Challenges for Global Teams

Laurette Bennhold

Description: Global teams face many challenges. Team members are often widely dispersed, must rely primarily on virtual communication, and serve various stakeholders in complex and matrixed organizations. Global leaders often attribute a team's effectiveness (or lack thereof) to skills such as virtual communication and basic intercultural understanding. But is this accurate? Over the past ten years, Aperian Global has gathered survey results from 2,240 teams and nearly 17,000 team members from all over the world, resulting in one of the largest available sources of data regarding the performance challenges encountered by global teams. And while intercultural and virtual communications proficiency play a role in team effectiveness, the data suggest that other factors are more critical predictors of team success or failure. Gain insight into these factors and learn how you can develop your team's optimal performance. 

Level: Intermediate

Delivery: Workshop

Track: Business


Chief Operating Officer

As an international mobility executive, Ms. Bennhold-Samaan has over twenty-five years experience in world-class organizations including Accenture, the World Bank, Honda of America, and the Peace Corps. Her expertise includes business alignment, strategic planning, policy development, training management, and partnering with corporate, government, educational, and international organizations. Ms. Bennhold-Samaan has co-authored a number of intercultural training books and delivered training/coaching programs in over 50 countries. She holds a Master of International Affairs focusing on cross-cultural communications and international business. She was born in Egypt, lived in Nigeria, and has been an expatriate in Germany and Canada. She currently resides in Washington, DC.