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Annual Conference on Intercultural Relations | IMI

Patricia Cassiday, Ed. D


Re-Entry: Making the Most of the Transition “Home”

Presenter: Patricia Cassiday, Owner and Lead Facilitator, Collaborative Connection

Delivery: This session will outline some of the personal and professional challenges faced by expatriates and their families upon re-entry to their home culture. The presenter will provide a theoretical framework to normalize and validate the re-entry experience. Special focus will be placed on knowledge and skills developed during the international experience and the relevance of applying those skills to the transition home. A meaningful experiential activity will follow, allowing for practical learning. The presenter will facilitate a debriefing discussion enriched by the shared expertise of participants. Recommendations for organizations hoping to retain interculturally competent employees will be included.

Level: Beginner & Intermediate

Delivery: Skills Workshop

Track: Business

Patricia A. Cassiday, Ed. D.,

Owner and Lead Facilitator Collaborative Connection

Patricia A. Cassiday, Ed. D., is the lead facilitator at Collaborative Connection, a cross-cultural consultancy based in the greater Seattle area. is an educator with experience as a program coordinator, school administrator, guidance counselor and classroom teacher. Tricia is a cross-cultural consultant, trainer and coach specializing in international transition for individuals and families. She coordinated counseling and psychology programs for the Department of Defense schools worldwide. Patricia has lived overseas, in Europe and Asia, for seventeen of the past twenty-five years. Her life experience reinforces her high interest in cross cultural transition and intercultural communication. Tricia presents nationally and internationally (Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and the US) on topics such as Cross Cultural Communication, Values Exploration, “Third Culture Kids”, Student Leadership and Crisis Management. She has worked as an adjunct professor in organizational management in Japan and in the department of counseling and psychology when living in the US.