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Andrea Edmundson


Preparing Content for Non-Native English Speakers

Presenter(s): Andrea Edmundson, Education Program Specialist

Description: Have you ever learned another language as an adult? Do you recall the challenges you faced? When we create content - such as instructions, presentations, and training materials - we need to write in a manner that allows readers and listeners to absorb it quickly and with clarity. In this session, you will learn and practice methods that will help you consistently use language that is easier to understand, especially for non-native English speakers. You will practice Global English techniques and the Paramedic Method of Writing. You will learn to create and edit content using technology tools. In addition, this course helps you prepare content for the costly process of translation, where you pay by the word! Please bring a sample of your content (hard copy or on your laptop) to the session for practice.

Level: All

Delivery: Workshop

Track: International Education, Training, Exchanges



Education Program Specialist

Dr. Andrea Edmundson works at the Foreign Service Institute as an Education Program Specialist in Curriculum and Staff Development. She has 25 years of experience in training and professional development, beginning her career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire. She has worked in more than 20 different countries in the field of international development and as the Professional Development manager for several multinational organizations. Her doctoral degree is in Educational Technology with a specialization in the 'effects of culture on teaching, training, and learning.' She has published several books on the topic, as well as several professional journal articles.