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IMI Conference on Intercultural Relations | 2012 Presenter

Laura West



Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University

Laura West is a Ph.D. student in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. She continues to work on language in social media, which was the topic of her Master’s Thesis, specifically looking at Facebook using frameworks from discourse analysis and intertextuality to reveal how members are socialized to and meet specific online communication norms. In addition to online communication, Laura is interested in adult ESL education and is currently working on an ethnographic study of linguistic behaviors in the international business community.


Facework on Facebook: Analyzing Conversations on Social Media

Presenter(s): Anna Marie Trester, Professor, and Laura West, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University

Level: Intermediate

Delivery: Skills Workshop

Keywords: Communication & Language, Sociolinguistics

Date/Time: Friday, March 16, 10:45am-12:00pm