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Fostering learning by providing intercultural resources.

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About the IMI Intercultural Resource Center 

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Please bear with us as we continue to construct the Intercultural Resource Center pages.We have many great intercultural resources to share with you and hope to get them posted shortly.

For now, please enjoy our Featured Resource section as well as our Forward Focus resource series. Our current series focuses on some of the best intercultural resources across the most common social networking sites.

Enjoy! Team IMI

Best iPhone Apps for Interculturalists

There really is an App for everything, and if you are an iPhone touting interculturalist, these apps might just come in handy during your next training session...

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Linking up with LinkedIn Groups

You use it to post your resume and highlight your professional accomplishments, but are you tapping into the wealth of intercultural knowledge found in LinkedIn groups?

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Top Intercultural Twitter Feeds

While we're not be jumping on the Twitter wagon just yet, the rest of the world has, including some great interculturalists whose feeds are jam packed with tips and tools...

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Facebook: It's not just for connecting with old highschool friends

Facebook has a way of connecting us with people from the past we barely remember. But it also has the potential to connect us with top intercultural orgs relevant to our work today...

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