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IMI Diplomatic Symposium Speakers

Dr. Philip Brenner

Philip Brenner

Philip Brenner is a senior professor in the U.S. Foreign Policy program. A former chair of American University's Council on Latin America, he also has served as director of the U.S. Foreign Policy program, senior associate dean for academic affairs, and chair of the Department of International Politics and Foreign Policy. Since 1985, Brenner has also served on the advisory board of the National Security Archive and has been involved in the archive's efforts to declassify and disseminate documents about U.S. foreign policy, including those related to the Cuban missile crisis.

Ambassador Anthony Quainton

Ambassador Anthony Quainton is a Diplomat-in-Residence and a professor of U.S. Foreign Policy at American University's School of International Service, having previously served in the United States Foreign Service and held ambassadorships to the Central African Republic, Nicaragua, Kuwait, and Peru. Ambassador Quainton has also held other senior positions within the U.S. State Department including Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Personnel, Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, Deputy Inspector General, and Director of the Office for Combatting Terrorism.


Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby

SIS Shelton Colby

Ambassador Sally Shelton-Colby is a Diplomat-in-Residence at American University's School of International Service and has held a number of senior positions in the public, corporate and non-profit sectors and in international organizations. Her diplomatic posts have included Deputy Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France;U.S. Ambassador to Grenada, Barbados and several other Eastern Caribbean countries;and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America. She has also served as Assistant Administrator for Global Programs at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Dr. Gary Weaver

For forty-five years, Dr. Gary Weaver has been a faculty member of the School of International Service at American University where he also serves as Executive Director of IMI. Each year he gives hundreds of keynote addresses, lectures, training seminars, and workshops to various government agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and abroad. His topics include various aspects of intercultural relations such as cross-cultural communication and negotiation, working in a multicultural workforce, culture shock, and cultural aspects of conflict resolution. He regularly leads training workshops for the U.S. Foreign Service Institute, State Department, and international diplomats.

IMI Diplomatic Symposium