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How to Be an Effective Diplomat in Washington

IMI Libyan Training

The Intercultural Management Institute's Symposium Series:
How to Be an Effective Diplomat in Washington

Whether you are an international diplomat or a representative of an international organization in Washington, DC, this interactive symposium will offer you a crash course on how to be an effective diplomat in Washington and help you better understand U.S. diplomatic and policymaking culture, key players and processes. Led by former senior Foreign Service Officers and AU faculty, this symposium will commence with an overview of what is American culture and how it impacts public policy and communication. Next, the symposium will delve into who's who in the Washington. A common mistake made by professionals new to the Washington diplomatic scene is focusing on a narrow group of foreign policy actors while neglecting other critical stakeholders. This session will examine the broad range and roles of various state and non-state actors involved in international affairs. After identifying the key players, participants will have an opportunity to focus on foreign policy process and how to advocate and push for policy priorities through the U.S. Congress. The symposium will conclude with a session on common diplomatic scenarios that might face diplomats in Washington, including crisis scenarios, and you will have an opportunity to work on addressing those situations. The symposium will also include an informal roundtable lunch discussion with other international diplomats who will share their experiences and lessons learned.


The symposium registration fee is $400 including breakfast, lunch and symposium materials. To register for this course please contact Robin Barnes at or 202-885-6437 or register online.


IMI Diplomatic Symposium