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Training Philosophy

Quality Training for Maximum Results

Intercultural Management Training programs prepare employees at every level of an organization to perform across geographic, linguistic, and cultural divides. Our programs are fully customizable according to your organization's needs, are highly interactive, and feature an integrative approach to program design. We emphasize process and results and aim to help our clients become fully equipped to perform in an international setting. We practice a customer-centered approach that uses our client's intercultural strengths to design context-appropriate strategies.

Who We Are

  • First-rate intercultural trainers and facilitators with up-to-date knowledge of the field
  • Top-notch consultants who combine specialized expertise with real-life know-how
  • Prominent American University professors and researchers—authorities in their fields
  • Business professionals with extensive experience in international work settings
  • Country resource people—including host nationals and current and former expatriate residents—with a wealth of useful firsthand information


Why it Can Work for You

  • Instills the skills and knowledge to help you plan for and successfully manage international growth within your organization
  • Develops global leaders who distinguish your company and set elevated standards for its conduct in the international business world
  • Increases the chances of high returns on your organization’s investments in international human capital
  • Builds cross-cultural team players with the ability to apply creative solutions to the challenges of the global workplace
  • Prepares international assignees and their families to adapt smoothly and quickly to life overseas


Where We're Located

On the campus of American University in Washington, D.C. Programs and services may be delivered in fully equipped training and conference facilities or at the location of your choice.