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Internship Advising

SPExS Internship Advising Online

1st Friday in month 10 am EST
2nd Thursday in month 12 noon EST
3rd Wednesday at 2 pm EST
4th Tuesday at 9 pm EST
5th Monday at 10 am EST

Join the weekly meeting here
and/or call +1 (626) 521-0013
use Access Code/Meeting ID: 876-264-165

Each weekly online internship advising session will start with a 5-10 minute presentation about career development and internships. Then, students can ask questions about internships. Topics will vary based on season, trends, interests, and programs. The following will serve as a basic outline for the schedule prior to each Fall, Spring, and Summer term:


4 months before semester: Applying early for internships
3.5 months before semester: Resume and cover letter best practices
3 months before semester: Self-assessment
2 months before semester: Social Media and LinkedIn on the internship search
1 month before semester: Internship application strategies and follow-up
3 weeks before semester: Creative search resources
2 weeks before semester: Professional image
1 week before each semester: Resume and cover letter refresher
the week semester begins: Interview tips
2 weeks into semester: Experiential Learning Form (ELF) and maximizing the internship

Other topics may include the following:

Networking in DC
Getting to/transportation to your internship in DC
Skype interviews
Informational interviews
What to learn in an internship
Professional portfolios
& more

Join us! RSVP here.