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Mentorship Student
How did WMP change your life?

 The program took me out of the “Tenleytown Bubble” and encouraged me explore new parts of DC, making me more independent. I got to have a core group of friends before I ever moved onto main campus, and when we all moved and saw one another in classes, we felt comfortable, no matter how well we knew one another or not.

Amanda Simmons, WMP Alum 2006

Amanda Simmons

Graduation Year from AU:

What was your major?
I’m a Broadcast Journalism major with a double minor in Sociology and Chinese.

What school do/did you attend?
School of Communication and School of Public Affairs.

What are you passionate about/interested in?
I’m interested in Sports Journalism and Public Relations.

Your career ambition?
To work in Public Relations.

What are you doing now?
Right now I work for

Why did you choose WMP?
I was so excited to have an internship my first semester of college.

Where was your internship and what do you do there?
I worked for the Maya Angelou Public Charter School. I worked most with alumni of the school and researched colleges for current students at the time. I was even able to co-teach classes!

Favorite experience in the program?
Making friends I’m still close with today and setting myself up for another positive, educational, and fulfilling six semesters at AU (one semester was spent abroad!).

What do you love about your Seminar?
It was intimate and the field trips we took were exciting and worthwhile. It was like my family away from my family. We all really bonded.

What do you want the world to know about WMP?
It’s a fantastic program and an excellent foundation for starting school at AU. I wouldn’t trade my WMP experience for anything in the world.

Favorite course of study?
Too many to count! But probably Andrea Brenner’s American Society course. It was PHENOMENAL!

What do you do for fun in D.C. and on the weekends?
I attend lots of private events for my job. I’m also a Wizards season ticket holder, so I go to all the games. I love running and have been doing CrossFit for a month now.

Who is/has been the biggest influence on your WMP experience so far?
My biggest influence was probably my college writing seminar professor, Professor Drummond. He picked the most interesting books and we had some of the most memorable classroom discussions I’ve ever been a part of. He helped me write better and think clearer. To this day I remember that class.

Favorite quote?
“Life is like the surf, so give yourself away to the sea.” This is my favorite quote because you have no idea what to expect in life and things won’t always go as planned, but if you can let loose, take it a day at a time, and go with the flow, everything will work out.