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Devon Swift

Devon Swift

Where’s home?
Sparta, NJ- not to be confused with anything you’ve seen on the Jersey Shore.

What is/was your major?
I started out as an education/mathematics major, but I switched to Psychology my sophomore year.

What school do/did you attend?
I’m in the College of Arts and Sciences.

What are you passionate about/interested in?
I’m definitely passionate about Ultimate Frisbee. I play on AU’s club team and it is tough work but the girls are so spirited it’s hard not to fall in love with the sport.

Your career ambition?
Couple’s and Family Counseling, hopefully I can work my way up to my own private practice.

What are you doing now?
I’m an assistant and copy editor for non-degree programs at American University.

Why did you choose WMP?
At first I chose WMP because it meant I would be at American University. With hindsight, it was just a better fit for me than anything else. With the seminar site visits it was a lot easier to meet friends. And now that I’m a Junior I can see the benefits of the internship paying off. I have an advantage because only Mentorship students are allowed to have an internship freshman year and now that I’m applying for other internships I have an edge and advantage over other students. I’m also seeing some of those internships that my classmates had turn into real job offerings, which calms my nerves about graduating next year.

Where was your internship and what do you do there?
I interned at Georgetown University training faculty fire marshals and I reconstructed the university’s Emergency Preparedness Program. I wanted this internship to network with the heads of departments at Georgetown to better my chances of getting accepted there for graduate school. I still have lunch and keep contact with my supervisors.

Favorite experience in the program?
Site visits are always incredible, but my favorite experience was actually a guest speaker. We had been learning about the genocide in Rwanda in my Cross-Cultural Communications course, but to hear what actually happened from someone who lived it was the most powerfully impacting experience I’d ever had in a classroom, textbooks just don’t compare.

What do you want the world to know about WMP?
It’s without a doubt better than getting regular acceptance. You get so much more out of the semester through both the seminars and internship.

Favorite course of study?
I absolutely loved personal finance, it walked me through employment, investing, insurance, retirement, quite literally every financial aspect of life and I feel like everyone could benefit tremendously from this course since it is directly applicable to life.

What do you do for fun in D.C. and on the weekends?
As a broke college student, what I love about DC is there are so many awesome things to do for free! The zoo is a favorite free activity of mine, and the Monuments at night is an experience all students have to have.

How did WMP change your life?

Getting a job out of college is going to be a lot less stressful because I know the interview process, have been guided on how to create a killer resume; I have credible work experience and a competitive edge over other applicants.

Devon Swift, WMP Alum 2008