Bath Spa University

Students will live in campus housing on the Newton Park Campus of Bath Spa University. The residence hall consists of suites with single bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen, and a communal area for 12 students. Note that each student will receive a linen pack (sheets, towel, pillow, comforter), however students may also shop for room items once they arrive in England. Also note that each suite kitchen will have plates and pots/pans and BSU will have one week of groceries stocked in the kitchen, so students will have several days before they need to shop for meals.


A meal plan of one meal per day in the campus cafeteria is included, and students will be responsible for their other meals (using the residence hall suite kitchen or purchased on campus). There are several places on campus to buy meals and groceries, such as The Refectory, East Wing Coffee, Commons Café, and the Students Union. The program professor and advisor will reside in Bath and have offices on the BSU campus for regular advising meetings with the students and classes.

A Cultural Hub

Bath, England has a population of 176,000 residents, of which 20,000 are college students. It is famous for the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, once home to author Jane Austen, and is a UNESCO World Heritage City. It is a cultural hub with music and comedy venues, festivals, museums, and great restaurants.

The Bath Spa University, Newton Park campus has access to all the attractions of the cities of Bath and Bristol. Newton Park is about four miles outside Bath, and there are campus bus links into the city. There are buses from the Newton Park Campus to the city center of Bath regularly throughout the day. Students receive a city bus pass for travel around Bath and surrounding areas as part of their program fees.

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