Earn 15 College Credits

Mentorship Program in Greece students take 15 credits worth of classes (five 3-credit courses) and study on an accelerated semester schedule over twelve weeks-with classes starting in mid-September and ending in mid-December. The curriculum is cohort based, with students taking their courses with the AU Mentorship group. All classes will be taught in English.

The Mentorship Program in Greece features the following American University classes that are core to the Mentorship Program:

Course Descriptions

Intercultural Understanding: SISU-130 (3 credits, counts toward AU's General Education Area 3)

Students will examine the interactions among members of different cultural groups and develop cultural awareness, empathy, and interactive competency. It is a combination of lecture, discussion, guest speakers, and experiential learning activities which focuses on such themes as intercultural negotiations and social media technology and its intercultural effectiveness. This course counts toward AU Gen Ed Area 3.

Introduction to College Inquiry (3 credits, counts as elective credit)

This course develops questioning, research, and problem-solving skills. While collaborating with peers, students will use the practice of inquiry to examine the intellectual endeavors that influence society with a focus on research topics related to Greece. This course counts toward AU elective credits.

The AU professor will use the Introduction to College Inquiry class to incorporate experiential research topics related to Greece and international affairs, thus using Greece as a classroom. To supplement the curriculum, there will be several experiential excursions in Greece throughout the semester.

College Writing (3 credits, online, counts toward AU's writing requirements)

This course prepares students for the writing required throughout their academic career. Students are encouraged to think as a writer - to anticipate the responses of a reader, to explore the depth and breadth of a subject, and to work with language to best express their self and understanding. This course is taught online and counts toward AU's writing requirement.

Beyond the AU courses, the program includes two courses taught by the American College of Thessaloniki and focuses on intercultural studies. All ACT courses will be conducted in English. The ACT elective courses will be:

Introduction to Contemporary Greek Culture and Society (3 credits, counts toward AU General Education Area 2)

This course is designed as a navigation guide to contemporary Greek society and culture. Students are introduced to key features of public and private everyday life (history, politics, economy, education, religion, family, gender relations, sexuality, food, tourism, entertainment, music and dance, etc.). Texts drawn from a variety of sources will be used along with multimedia materials. Mini fieldwork projects will further enhance students’ understanding and participation.

History of Thessaloniki and Its People (3 credits, counts toward AU General Education Area 2)

The purpose of this course is to review the history of the city and to focus on the different ethnic communities which have inhabited it. The course will consider the establishment of the city in Hellenistic times, its Roman and Byzantine periods, the impact of the Ottoman occupation, the coming of the Sephardic Jews, the effects of the Balkan and the two World Wars, as well as those of the Holocaust on the city. It will include visits to such important cultural sites as the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Byzantine culture, the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki, Roman antiquities, and Ottoman buildings. Credits earned from History of Thessaloniki count towards AU General Education requirements.

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