The Royal Tombs of King Philip

Shortly after the program begins, students will take a day trip to the Royal Tombs of King Philip (father of Alexander the Great) and the Macedonian dynasty, as well as a tour of the city walls and the church of Saint Demetrios in Thessaloniki.

Athens and Adelphi

Students also will have a weekend trip to Athens and Delphi. This excursion includes visits to the new Acropolis museum, the Parthenon, the Ancient Agora and Monastiraki flea market in Athens, followed by a visit to the ancient sites of Delphi, the museum, and the Delphic oracle. This trip includes hotel (4 or 5 star), as well as breakfast and another meal each day. The costs related to these two excursions have been included in the campus service and excursion fee that is included in the AU bill.

More Opportunities

To supplement your Greece experience, your AU advisor will plan several other excursions and events throughout the semester. Students also have the opportunity to explore Thessaloniki and Greece with ACT clubs/ organizations as well as on their own during other weekends.

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