Fall 2017 Estimated Costs 1

Tuition (Flat fee tuition for 15 credits)
$ 22,904.00
Required Full-Time Student Fees 2
$ 285.00
Housing and Half Board Rate (per person)
$ 5,640.00
Campus and Field Trip Fee
$ 2,600.00

Total Cost Billed Through AU
$ 31,429.00

Additional Estimated Expenses to Be Considered

Greek Visa & Resident Permit 3
(not all students will need a visa & permit)
International Airfare
Additional Meals (lunch)
Social and cultural activities
Transportation to Washington, DC for orientation
Transportation for trips during break periods
Miscellaneous expenses

Total Estimated Cost Not Billed through AU
$ 2,305.00 - $ 3,205.00

Total Estimated Expenses for the Program
$ 33,734.00 - $ 34,634.00

Optional AU Insurance

Estimated Student Health Insurance Fee 4
$ 1,750.00
Estimated Tuition Refund Insurance Fee 5
(per semester rate)
$ 120.00

1 Costs are estimated and are subject to change.
2 Students CANNOT waive the ACE Travel Assistance Program Insurance.
3US citizens can use a 90-day travel visa for the program time in Greece. International students, students who have recently traveled in Europe, or those who plan to stay beyond the dates of the program are not eligible to stay in Greece with the 90-day tourist visa and need to apply for a visa prior to travel (and apply for a resident permit once in Greece). The resident permit requires an initial bank deposit of Euro 500 after the application procedure.
4 Student Health Insurance may be waived if student is covered under another plan. All students MUST complete a waiver form to avoid this fee.
5The Student Tuition Refund Insurance is optional. Students will be charged a fee once they enroll in the plan.