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Washington Mentorship Program: Curriculum

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We understand that you have many options for fall semester, prior to beginning your degree program in the spring. The Mentorship Program is flexible—allowing you to take 12 or 15 credits worth of classes. With IB or AP credits, you can easily stay on track to graduate with a 12-credit program. Even without IB or AP credits, you can stay on track to graduate if you enroll in additional classes in future semesters.

Your fall semester schedule consists of four or five 3-credit classes:

  • Mentored Field Practicum (an internship), which counts as AU elective credit
  • Intercultural Understanding, which counts as AU's General Education Area 3
  • College Writing, which counts toward AU's writing requirements
  • Introduction to Inquiry, which counts as AU elective credit, and
  • your choice of either Politics in the US, a mathematics or a statistics course (to be determined by placement test and course availability), which count toward AU degree requirements

Some of your classes will be learning laboratories—taking full advantage of our Washington, D.C., location. Classes include interactive lectures and guest speakers that could introduce you to diplomats, policy makers, members of Congress, journalists, and lobbyists.

You will experience a rich and rigorous curriculum and internship. Here is an example of a WMP student class week.

Curriculum Notes:

  • Students will be enrolled in classes in consultation with the American University Mentorship Program advisor.
  • All Mentorship Program students will take the AU Math Placement test in May, and the scores from that test will be used for spring semester placement, when Mentorship in Greece students start the AU math requirement.
  • All credits and GPA while in the Mentorship Program in Greece will be applied to your academic record when you start your degree program at AU in the spring semester.
  • Text books will be purchased in Greece.
  • Mentorship Program in Greece students must abide by the policies, regulations, and codes relating to student behavior at American University and the policies related to the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT). Any student who violates the Academic Integrity Code while in the Mentorship Program will have the spring admission offer reevaluated. Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in order to meet the standard for satisfactory progress. If students do not maintain a 2.0 or higher, they will start spring semester on Academic Probation.

Quote from a student

"My Intercultural Understanding class had some amazing trips to embassies, the World Bank, and brought in some very impressive speakers from places like the US Institute of Peace and the Brookings Institution." – Mark Sullivan, WMP 2014

Visiting AU? Let WMP know! We would like to meet you while on campus and share more information about the Mentorship Program. Contact us at 202-895-4936 or You can also sign-up for an American University tour and information session.