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Lindsey Malcom

Lindsey Malcom, WMP 2011
Lebanon, CT

I chose the Washington Mentorship Program because it gave me the opportunity to obtain a set of work skills that supplied a solid foundation for my future undergraduate and professional ambitions. As a first semester student, I interned on Capitol Hill for Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal. Since having completed the program, I have interned with the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Office, interned and promoted as a personal assistant for an attorney at law, and am currently the Executive Social Media Intern for DC Life Magazine. The Washington Mentorship Program was unlike any other experience that could have been offered to me, and commenced my future career path much earlier than I ever anticipated.

Tara Kellman

Tara Kellman, WMP 2012
Bronx, NY

I chose to participate in the Washington Mentorship Program because I loved the idea of being able to intern in D.C. and network with various professionals as a first semester student. During the semester as a WMP student, I interned at a non-profit organization called LIFT, which seeks to lift people out of poverty. I had one-on-one meetings with clients and assisted them in finding employment, housing, and apply for public benefits. As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing counseling psychology, interning at LIFT really helped me build my interpersonal and mediation skills. Joining WMP was one of my best decisions so far as it helped me acclimate to college life, form close relationships with both peers and professors, and gain experience in my field of interest early on.

Michael Eyerman

Michael Eyerman, WMP 2012
Penfield, NY

I came to AU because both the university and WMP provided me with opportunities to take advantage of being in the nation’s capital by learning from those in the field and interning. While in WMP, I interned for a member of congress in the House of Representatives and I was involved in student leadership on campus, all while keeping a full class load. The experiences I had during WMP helped me adjust from high school to college and prepared me to do more after my first year. Currently I am interning for a think tank, volunteering as a mentor for high school students all while continuing a full class load, something that WMP prepared me for.

Lillie Lansman

Lillie Lansman, WMP 2012
Reisterstown, MD

I chose AU/WMP because when I came to visit, I felt at home on the campus and I knew that having the experience of an internship would put me ahead when it came time to find a job. For my internship I worked with the Youth Leadership Foundation, I was there with several other WMP students as well as a [Washington] Semester student and they are some of my best friends to date. Having that internship and volunteering with the kids there really helped me gain experience in the world of education because I want to be an Elementary Education major. I love how close-knit [the community] is and could not be happier with my decision.

Max Weiss

Max Weiss, WMP 2013
Sudbury, MA

I chose American University because of my interest in politics and my love for DC. Through the Washington Mentorship Program, I got to experience both earlier than I ever could have expected to. Between the interesting site visits throughout DC that I was able to partake in every week and my amazing internship working for Senator Ed Markey, my first semester of college could not have been better. My experiences from last semester gave me amazing networking opportunities that led to me pledging a fraternity and working for a Senate campaign this summer!

Morgan Taylor

Rebecca (Morgan) Taylor, WMP 2013
Durham, NC

My name is Morgan Taylor, and I am from Durham, North Carolina. I chose to attend American University and participate in the Washington Mentorship Program because I believed it would offer me unique opportunities that I wasn't offered at any other schools--I was right! I interned with Jumpstart, a program based pout of Ameri-corps that focuses on narrowing the achievement gap in preschoolers. Currently, I am continuing my internship with Jumpstart and have not declared a major yet, though I'm leaning towards political science.

Matthew Crescimanno

Matthew Crescimanno WMP 2013
Hatfield, PA

My name is Matthew Crescimanno and I chose AU mostly for the WMP opportunity; I really liked the idea of getting real world job experience early on in my college career. At my internship last semester, I was a researcher/writer for a non-profit organization called Breakthrough Technologies Institute. As of right now, I’m a self-described “renaissance freshman” (aka undecided) and, while my major changes on a daily basis, I am very interested in linguistics and its many applications.

William Erickson

WMP 2009/AU 2013
La Jolla, CA

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Devon Swift

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Sparta, NJ

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Anna Hagler

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Atlanta, GA

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Emily Roseman

WMP 2008/AU 2012
Fairfield, CT

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Beeta Christine Rafiekian

WMP 2006/AU 2010
Potomac, MD

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