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Success Stories

Alumni Profile

Alexandra Hitchens


1.     Name: Alexandra Hitchens (Alex)

2.     What is/was your major?: International Relations is my major now, but I’d like to switch to Political Science with an environmental/ international focus

3.     What school do/did you attend? (SPA,CAS, etc): Right now I’m in the School of International Service.

4.     Where’s home? Horsham, PA (north suburbs of Philadelphia).

5.     What are you passionate about/interested in?: Community service and Spanish

6.     Your childhood ambition?: Peace Corps and swim coach J

7.     Your career ambition?: AHHHHH.  I want to stay in DC, though.  I can definitely see myself on Capitol Hill, maybe with the State Department,or managing an office, but always on the move and traveling (a lot!).

8.     What are you doing now? (job): Along with babysitting and hopefully getting a lifeguard position at the Jacobs Fitness Center next semester, I intern on Capitol Hill with Representative Allyson Y. Scwhartz.

9.     Your inspiration?:

10.  Your preferred social media?:

11.  What is the name of your High School?: Hatboro-Horsham HS

12.  Sex? (Male/Female): Female

13.  Graduation Year (AU): 2014

14.  WMP Year: 2010

Your Washington Mentorship

1.    Why are you in D.C.?: I don’t like cities, and thought I’d be going to school in the middle of nowhere, but I actually LOVE the atmosphere of DC.

2.     Why did you choose WMP?: To have an internship as a freshman and to take advantage of what the city has to offer!

3.     Where was your internship and what do you do there?: I interned with the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington.  I was one of two interns, so I had a lot of responsibility.  I did make copies, but they were of the Teaching About Religion resource, (incorporated 11 different religions) which is integral to what IFC is.  I also made phone calls for various projects to help with the advancement of the NGO.

4.    Favorite site visit or experience in the program?: Overall, being part of the “real world” was such a great experience.  I was a part of the DC rush hour traffic in my business attire two days a week and I loved the feeling.

5.     What do you do for fun in D.C. and on the weekends?: I love to visit the museums (I’ve been to the National Portrait Gallery so many times and love to study there!).  APO, the community service fraternity, gets me out in the city to work on various service projects, as well.

6.     What did you do next?: I have another internship!

7.     What do you love about your College Writing Seminar?: I AP tested out of college writing, but wish I hadn’t!!

8.    Who is/has been the biggest influence on your WMP experience so far?: I really appreciated what Dean Brown had to say to us.

Pick 6 Questions to Answer Below:

1.    What are the most important lessons learned since you’ve been here?: Every decision you make now affects your future!  Also, manage your time and get involved in life.

2.    Favorite movie and why?: I have never gotten sick of Matilda.  She is such an inspiration and the movie is such a great story about character.

3.    Favorite book and why?: The Helpis my newest favorite book.  It is about slavery and told from the perspectives of the white women and “the help.”  My favorite aspect of this book is the fact that nobody could say what she was really feeling.  It was very frustrating and the author, Kathryn Stockett, wrote it so well.  Another favorite book of mine is Where the Red Fern Grows.  I did read it when I was younger, but I still think back to how many emotions it evokes.

4.    Favorite quote?: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” (Eleanor Roosevelt). 

5.     Words to live by?: Smiles, hugs, and laughter cure all.

Your hobby/hobbies?: Tap dancing, swimming, crafty things, hugging, and people watching!