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Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program in Washington, DC

The Washington Semester Summer Internship Program gives you an excellent opportunity to gain career-related, on-the-job experience while getting a first-hand view of the action in Washington, D.C. With our Summer Internship Program you get more than an internship. You also gain unparalleled insight from our knowledgeable faculty. You will have a dedicated professor-mentor who will help you find your internship, orient you in the city, and work with you throughout the semester to provide you with guidance and advice. Depending on your status, you can earn three to six undergraduate or graduate credits in the program.

The Washington Semester Summer Internship Program is a great way to:

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Establish contacts for the future
  • Meet face-to-face with public officials and decision makers
  • Earn three to six academic credits while working in a professional environment
  • Become part of the pulse and excitement of Washington, D.C.
  • Meet bright, ambitious students from across the U.S. and around the world  

Program Structure

The Summer Internship Program is an academic program with two components. Students gain hands-on skills interning full-time for a professional organization in Washington, and augment their experiences through a seminar class in their field of study which meets one half day a week. The internship is definitely the way to gain experience for your résumé, but the relationship you build with your professor will help you place your experiences in an academic context and provide you with a forum to share your thoughts on the internship process.

You will submit a comprehensive portfolio of your internship experience in D.C. to your professor mentor at the end of your program. Your portfolio & internship evaluation (and research paper if you elect the six credit option) will determine your final grade.

Curriculum Choices - Internships

You receive on-the-job training with an internship in just about any field to fit your career and academic goals.

You take an active role in securing your full-time internship. With the assistance of your Washington Semester Faculty Advisor, you will interview with several organizations in your area of study. You can intern with a congressional office, the media, the courts, a museum, an interest group, or a political organization, among others. Your placement will depend on the current needs of the organization and their individual interview process.The faculty advisor uses your resume, your comments and our program's excellent reputation to make contacts with potential internship sites. However, your faculty advisor won't simply make a call and land you an internship. You will take an active part in the internship placement process. You should expect to interview over the phone or in person to secure your summer internship.