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Summer Internship Program: American Politics

Program Includes:

  • Applied Politics Internship in Washington DC (4 days per week)
  • Seminar in American Politics (3 credits)
  • Optional Research Project on the topic of your choosing (3 credits)
  • Faculty hold academic appointments in the School of Public Affairs
  • Housing with American University or you can make your own independent housing arrangements

The Program in American Politics

This distinguished program allows you to come to Washington DC, the heart and soul of American politics, and immerse yourself into its unique atmosphere. By participating in this program, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the "game of politics" and the political process. You'll have the opportunity to discuss national policy with the nation's top decision makers and analyze current issues – like health care reform – during your seminar session. Through your summer internship, you'll gain invaluable skills and exposure to the political realm. As a student, you'll not only improve your skills in evaluating current policy proposals but also increase your factual knowledge of the structures, rules, and processes of American politics. Through participating in the American Politics Program, you'll make valuable connections in your field, strengthen your résumé with real-world experience, plus earn academic credit.

The Internship in American Politics

We pride ourselves on the professional internships that are offered with our Summer Internship Program. Through your internship, you'll gain practical knowledge in your field, network, and gain valuable experience to help you get noticed in today's challenging job market.

Sample of our Internships:

  • The White House
  • Democratic National Committee
  • Republican National Committee
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Republican Congressional Campaign Committee
  • Green Party of America
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • National Right to Life Committee
  • National Abortion Rights Action League
  • Emily's List
  • Congressional and Senate Offices
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • American Red Cross
  • Feminist Majority Foundation
  • Common Cause
  • American Democracy Institute
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • C-SPAN

The Seminar in American Politics

Our seminar in American Politics is geared to giving you in-depth knowledge in the political field. In addition to studying the topics in a traditional setting, you will gain valuable insights by discussing the issues first-hand with political experts. These insights allow you to more fully understand the issues in the field of political science; a critical asset that will aid you in your future endeavors.

Sample Seminar Topics:

  • Elections and Campaigns: Strategies, Campaign Organizations, and Media
  • Economic and Social Policy
  • The Media: 24/7 News Coverage and Politics
  • The Chief Justice John Roberts Supreme Court
  • How Congress and the White House Really Work
  • Campaign Finance Reform: The Next Step Taxes and the Budget: Can a Balance be Struck?
  • How Well is "No Child Left Behind" Working?
  • Religion and Politics
  • Civil Liberties and Rights
  • Immigration Reform
  • The Influence of Organizations on Policy

The Research Project in American Politics (Optional)

With all of Washington at your fingertips, it's the perfect time to complete a research project with a topic of your choosing. This is not your traditional research paper. This paper gives you access to the leading professionals in your field as you conduct first-hand interviews and collect information from the sources themselves. Your choice should reflect what you're passionate about and encourage critical thinking to help you become a specialist in your field.

Sample of Previous Research Project Topics:

  • GOP and the Youth Vote
  • Web 2.0 – Obama White House
  • The Effects of Youth Voter Turnout in the 2008 Presidential Elections as Compared to the 2004 Election
  • Electoral College, Influence on Campaign Strategy
  • Vouchers
  • A Study of Drug Busts Gone Wrong Due to Police Suspect Identification Errors
  • Analysis of the Difference in European Regulation of Consumer Cosmetic Products from U.S. Regulatory Standards