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Summer Internship Program: Economics & International Business

Global Business

Program Includes:

  • Internship in Washington DC (4 days per week)
  • Seminar in Economics & International Business (3 credits)
  • Optional Research Project on the topic of your choosing (3 credits)
  • Faculty hold academic appointments in the Kogod School of Business
  • Housing with American University or you can make your own independent housing arrangements

The Program in Economics & International Business  

This program gives you a chance to gain a conceptual and practical understanding of global business and economics in Washington DC, home to many prestigious economic and international business institutions like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. During our interactive seminar, you'll study these organizations and many others by meeting with representatives of trade associations and multinational corporations, experts from international organizations and U.S. government agencies, and members of Congress who deal with global business and economic issues affecting the nation and the world. You have the option to explore an issue you're passionate about more closely with our optional research project. You'll also intern 4.5 days a week, providing you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a professional atmosphere. This program will give you real-world, marketable experience.

The Internship in Economics & International Business  

As a student in the Washington Semester Summer Internship Program, you'll have access to a wide range of internship opportunities in the nation's capital. Your internship will be an amazing opportunity to network, build your résumé, gain first-hand knowledge in your field of interest, and jump-start your career.

Sample of our Internships:

  • Economic Policy Institute
  • Export Import Bank
  • Public Citizen – Global Trade Watch
  • U.S. Department of Treasury
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
  • President's Council of Economic Advisors
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • International Development Council
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Organization of American States
  • The World Bank  
  • U.S. Business and Industry Council
  • Atlantic Council
  • HSBC
  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Avalon Consulting
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Gap International, Inc.
  • International Trade Administration
  • Japanese Trade Commission
  • U.S. Trade Representatives
  • Smith-Barney
  • National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. - China Business Council

The Seminar in Economics & International Business

In addition to your internship, you'll have the opportunity to learn in an interactive classroom – meeting and questioning a variety of speakers during the seminar. Since Washington DC is an epicenter of economics and international business, there is no shortage of opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with experts in the field.

Sample Seminar Topics:

  • Ethics in International Business
  • International Trade Theory
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Strategy of International Business
  • Organization of International Business
  • Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics
  • Global Marketing and R&D
  • The State of the U.S. Economy
  • Making Fiscal Policy
  • Making Monetary Policy
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
  • The State of the Global Economy
  • Making Exchange Rate Policy
  • The International Monetary Fund and Crises
  • The World Bank and Economic Development

The Research Project in Economics & International Business (Optional)

For an additional 3 credits, you can choose to conduct a research project. We know that everyone has a different area they wish to focus on, so you can choose any topic for you research paper. This is an excellent opportunity to go out into the field and gather data directly from its source. Interviewing professionals in your field gives you excellent insights, access, and allows you to find answers to questions that are not in books. Your choice should reflect what you're passionate about and encourage critical thinking to help you become a specialist in your field.