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Taking classes in DC is great but we decided to up the anti. You’ll spend two days of every week in an academically supervised Mentored Field Practicum. 

An academically supervised what? Relax, let us explain.

The Mentored Field Practicum is a short-term work opportunity with a mentor in the field of your choice. Our vast database will give you lots of options to choose from. We'll help you become a better candidate with personalized guidance sessions, resumé critiques and mock interviews.

Where have students worked in the past? Take a peek…

•    ABC Radio
•    America's Most Wanted
•    BBC News
•    Democratic Policy Committee
•    Earth Day Network
•    Embassy of Colombia
•    Fox News
•    Library of Congress
•    National Geographic
•    National Institutes of Health
•    NBC Sports
•    Peace Corps
•    Republican National Committee
•    Save Darfur Coalition
•    Sports America
•    U.S. House of Representatives
•    U.S. Senate