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Member Schools

Washington Semester has formal affiliations with over 200 U.S. colleges and universities and an additional 40 international institutes of higher education. These schools recognize the academic importance of experiential education and have chosen the Washington Semester as a program of choice for their students.

Students should check with their advisors to find out exactly how credits will be applied based on their particular department and major. In most cases, member school students are able to use their federal financial aid toward the cost of the program. Most of our member schools also allow institutional aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) to be used toward program costs. Member schools have designated Washington Semester representatives on campus. Students can contact their school’s representative for information and to be nominated for admission to the program.

We welcome students from non-member schools as well! In fact, we are delighted to have nearly 100 students each semester from non-member schools. Students from these schools must confirm through their home school that the credits will transfer and speak with their financial aid office regarding transfer of aid.