In your Washington Semester Program courses, you will learn from professors who are experts in their fields and who know Washington, DC. They will introduce you to new concepts, challenge your perspectives, and build your academic knowledge.

American Politics
Engage with prominent policy makers, politicians, and government staff to see how things really work in Washington.
Foreign Policy
Discuss current issues, priorities, and contending views of America's role in the world with practitioners, US officials, and other members of the policy community.
Global Economics & Business
Engage with professionals and agencies directly involved in the debate and formulation of economic, investment, and trade policies.
International Law and Organizations
Meet with international law practitioners that shape policy to see how the relationship between law and multinational organizations impacts security, trade, economic development, the environment, and human rights.
Journalism and New Media
Go behind the scenes at local media outlets to engage with key innovators in journalism and communications. See how they share news, policy, and hot topics that affect our nation.
Justice & Law
Gain an understanding of the institutions and organizations that contribute to making, executing, and interpreting the laws, rules, and regulations by which we govern ourselves.
Public Health Policy
Examine the relationship between public policy and healthcare; including how policy decisions are made; the influencers; and the effects of public health policies on communities.
Sports Management & Media
Engage with sports-industry professionals and executives and gain an understanding of a $250 billion a year industry - from ticket sales to marketing and media.
Sustainable Development
Explore local, national, and global sustainable development and become familiar with best practices in the field to learn how to advocate for and create effective change.

Fall 2017 Deadline Extended to Aug 1

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